• $34.95

Embrace your Zodiac rituals with this calming and intuitive Zodiac Candle Range. Hand drawn Artwork, heartfelt character traits together with signature Commonfolk Scents to keep you feel calm and connected with your true self.

Keep for your own self care rituals or share the love with this thoughtful gift.

We are Australian Made + Hand Poured candles. Our Mid sized Amber Jar candles are made from recycled bottles to support sustainable living and matched with our signature custom raw wooden lid.

We use a eco-friendly, non-toxic cotton wicks to help you create your calming candle rituals.

Our Candles have 260g of creamy, pure and renewable soy + candle wax, blended with our own Australian made fine fragrances oils and enriched with essentials oils.

Enjoy 40 hours of bliss.


CAPRICORN: INDIA - Teakwood & Tobacco

SAGITTARIUS: PALM DESERT - Sandalwood & Patchouli

SCORPIO: HIMALAYAS - Sage + Cedarwood

LIBRA: BYRON BAY - Almond Milk + Coconut

VIRGO: PALM DESERT - Sandalwood + Patchouli

LEO: HUDSON VALLEY - Cucumber + Ginger

CANCER: HIMALAYAS - Sage + Cedarwood

TAURUS: PALM DESERT - Sandalwood + Patchouli

ARIES: INDIA - Teakwood + Tobacco

PISCES: BYRON BAY - Almond Milk + Coconut

AQUARIUS: MALI - Coconut + Lime