How breathe was born

Cyndi Weis founded breathe when her daughter Carly was in college and her daughter Abby was finishing high school. Her intention for opening breathe was to blend her favorite things under one roof using her experience from previous business ventures, so that she would have a place to go to “keep her busy” as she and her husband prepared to become empty nesters. 

Little did Cyndi know that 18 years later her hobby, which began as 1800 square feet, would expand to over 10,000 square feet at our flagship location in the heart of Pittsford, NY, 5 franchise locations (all owned by hard working, passionate, and amazing humans that she considers extended family), and a spin off store, “breathe at home,” located next to the flagship store.

breathe's retail is a beloved component to the business that not only brings Cyndi joy but is also a shared interest with both of her daughters, particularly Abby. The Weis women take great pleasure in creating a fun and inspired shopping environment and hope that when you walk in our doors (or shop from the comfort of your home!) you feel happy, comfortable, and at ease. When you shop at breathe, please know that you are not only supporting a local business but also a family that treats breathe as a member of their own. On behalf of the Weis' and the rest of the breathe team, we appreciate your support and thank you for choosing to shop at breathe!

Want more breathe in your life? Please check out our studio, breathe yoga & juice bar, for in-person and online yoga and meditation classes. You can also continue your shopping experience with us at our specialty home store, breathe at home.