Sacred Powers

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Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, unsure of which way to turn? Maybe you reached a fork in the road and felt overwhelmed by the choices before you. Or perhaps you felt stuck, held back by the fear of making the wrong decision—with one foot rooted firmly in the past and the other dangling into the unknown.

But there is a pathway out of your challenges and into a space of freedom, happiness, and lasting fulfillment. For thousands of years, divine solutions have been whispered directly into the hearts of priests, shamans, wizards, medicine women, and healers.

In Sacred Powers, internationally renowned meditation master davidji reveals the deepest secrets of this timeless wisdom and distills their essence into the Five Divine Principles of the Universe:

· The Divine Principle of One
· The Divine Principle of Awareness
· The Divine Principle of Rebirth
· The Divine Principle of Infinite Flow
· The Divine Principle of Inner Fire

Each step on the path will unfold eternal truths to guide you on a lifelong journey of clarity and connection, expansion and abundance, love and happiness, courage and confidence, and passion and purpose. This moment is a defining moment. This is the moment to awaken your sacred powers. And this is the time to manifest your dream life!