Chocolate Bar - New Mama

  • $12.00

I see you, Mama, doing your best to balance it all. When milk supply is lagging and you’re feeling the weight of the world, hormone-balancing moringa and soothing raspberry and nettle leaves come to the rescue. Indulge for your soul and your body.

"I am 5 years in, with 2 kids, and feel like I'm still a new mama. It's NO JOKE, this motherhood thing." - Brandon [mama], the founder of Eat Gold

Whether you're breast feeding or not, this supports balance. Reach out to me if ever you want to jam about everything you're feeling. You are not alone [although it can feel like that, a lot of the time]

THE ONE FOR MOOD & MILK : organic specialty cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic pure cacao butter, organic raspberry, organic raspberry leaves, organic moringa, organic nettle leaves powder