Aroma Cloud Essential Oil Diffuser

  • $59.99

An essential oils diffuser is a tool to distribute essential oils into the air creating positive effects on the entire body. Diffusing is an effective method to relax the mind and body as well as remove unpleasant odors and airborne pathogens.

This elegant diffuser will complement any decor in your home all while impressing visitors. It will provide you with a powerful, graceful and reliable aromatherapy experience.

*Essential oils not included

Run Time
16 hrs continuous / 24 hrs alternating
Time Options
1, 2 or 3 hours timer
6.25 x 5"
Operating Modes
Continuous/ Intermittent/ Off
Mist Modes
High output / Low output
Light Modes
Warm White/ Color Rotate/ Freeze Color/ Off
Water Capacity
500 ml
Coverage Up to 1000 square feet
Power 100-240 VAC