HLC Maintenence Probiotic

  • $46.50

Optimal gut health starts with a healthy everyday diet and a healthy balance of microflora throughout your gastrointestinal tract. Factors like high stress levels, frequent travel, poor food choices and antibiotic use may all have negative effects on your microflora balance, and that's where HLC Maintenance from Pharmax comes into play.

Product Features:

  • Each capsule provides you with 2.5 billion viable cells from four different human-sourced probiotic strains
  • Provides support for an optimal level of gastrointestinal and digestive health and wellness
  • Promotes a healthy microflora balance and supports a normal intestinal microbiota
  • Requires refrigeration
  • May be used by adults, as well as children who are six years and older

HLC Maintenance from Pharmax is made without the use of gluten or dairy, and comes in a capsule form that is easy for people of all ages to swallow. One capsules one or two times every day with a healthy meal may help keep you on the natural pathway toward an optimal level of overall health and an increased sense of overall wellness.