Heartfelt Candle

  • $34.95

Our Heartfelt quote candles are straight from the heart and look cute styled back with our Photography candles. So many quotes to choose from, making it the perfect gift for others or some inspo for yourself.

We are Australian made, free from any nasties and vegan friendly.

Our Candles have 260g of creamy, pure and renewable soy + candle wax, blended with our own Australian made fine fragrances oils and enriched with essentials oils.

Enjoy 40 hours of bliss.

"everything may not be ok right now, and that's ok. take it one moment at a time, be gentle with yourself, let the sun kiss your face, and just know your are loved" SCENT: HIMALAYAS - Sage + Cedarwood

"every time you light this candle, let the glow warm you like a hug from me to you." SCENT: PALM DESERT - Sandalwood + Patchouli

"sending you of all the birthday feels, hugs and love on your special day" SCENT: INDIA - Teakwood + Tobacco

"every time you light this candle, let it remind you of how special you are and that I am always here for you." SCENT: INDIA - Teakwood + Tobacco

1. identify the essential
2. eliminate the rest SCENT: PALM DESERT - Sandalwood + Patchouli